Virtual Lab #9 for Math 141

To students who won’t have lab due to Veteran’s day, we have made this online version—- This lab has three sections:

  1. Labeling and learning the symmetries in the unit circle
  2. Understanding what a “radian” means
  3. Understanding the sin function by using a home-made sine tracer

 Hopefully when you have viewed all of these videos, you are be able to complete your reflections and homework for this section.  

Part I: Identifying the symmetries in the unit circle

Part 1: Reviewing the Unit Circle

Labeling and learning the unit circle.  There are many ways that you could fill this in, and you may already know the symmetries for a prior course in high school.  If you want a refresher, please try one of these YOUTUBE videos, or find one of your own.   FIll in the circle that is shown on p.1 of your Lab #9 handout.

Part II: What is a radian?

Part III: The sin tracer