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Early STEM Excellence Program

SDSU is offering a program for incoming STEM students in summer session S2 (July 6 – August 13, 2021). In addition to taking a 3-credit math course (Math 140-College Algebra or Math 141-Precalculus), students will attend panel discussions and focused sessions on navigating their majors. The program will also have events for alumni and faculty to talk with students about their careers.

An important part of this program will include Mentors for the students as they work through their summer course and learn about their majors.

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 The Early STEM program will include a Career orientation experience to help students understand the opportunities in different majors and begin to envision and refine their career goals. The program will be supervised by Mary Taylor (Executive Director, Center for Educational Partnerships, Outreach and Success), Michael O’Sullivan (Mathematics Department Chair), Mary Pilgrim (Director of Math and Stats Learning Center), with day-to-day operations run by Nina Haynes (Program Director), a master’s student who has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and many years experience working in industry and as a teacher.


Why Join Us!

  • Get an early start with your math coursework
  • Establish community with other STEM majors at SDSU
  • Understand your major choice
  • Meet STEM faculty
  • Connect with current STEM majors at SDSU and engage in individual and group mentoring.


 Our Vision

To prepare incoming students in STEM majors through coursework, mentors, career exploration, panel discussions, and much more.

Our Courses

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The project will include a supplementary academic experience using an online adaptive learning program called ALEKS. Students will work in the ALEKS learning modules to review material in areas that need strengthening with dedicated mentors who will guide and monitor them.

This will supplement two courses that are offered in Summer S2 session for incoming freshman: Math 140-College Algebra (along with the support course Math 140-X) and Math 141-Precalculus. Math 140 is a prerequisite to Math 141.



Math 140/ Math 141

College Prep and ALEKS Supplement

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