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Math 105/140
Summer 2020 Online
July 7 –  August 19

Professor Azmoun

Professor Azmoun

Content for the course will be organized as follows:

Live Zoom Classes M, T, W 10:00-10:50 am PST Lecture style classes taught by your instructor. Also recorded so that video can be accessed by those who could not attend live session.
Live Break Out Zoom Sessions T, Th Times will be arranged based on students’ scheduled choices on the first day of class Small break out sections taught by Teaching Assistants (TAs)
Posted Videos M,T,W, Th You will be required to watch 3-4 videos before each live Zoom class.  These will be made available at least one week in advance so that you are able to watch them at your convenience. Created and posted by your instructor to preview or review material discussed in class. Will be available throughout the course.
Description of the Course

This course is specifically designed for students majoring in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  The goal of this semester is to increase students’ procedural fluency and conceptual understanding of the basic concepts that they will see when they take precalculus.  

Contact information for Instructor and TAs

Instructor Information

Instructor name:  Professor Maha Rayan

Office hours and location:  TBD

Email address:  MRayan@sdsu.edu

Coordinator: Dr. Janet Bowers

Teaching Assistants: 

Student Learning Objectives

This course is intended to prepare you for Math 141 by addressing the following Student Learning

  1. Students will develop foundational understandings of variables 1. in expressions and equations.
  2. Students will be able to identify common misconceptions regarding arithmetic and algebraic
    manipulations of monomials, polynomials, integer and rational exponents, rational expressions,
    and factoring.
  3. Students will explore concepts of geometry related to three-dimensional solids, line
    segments, and triangles.
  4. Students will be able to graph circles and identify properties such as center and radius.
    Students will also be able to write equations of circles in standard form (this includes using
    the method of completing the square).
  5. Students will be able to make sense of situations that involve linear or quadratic relations,
    develop strategies to find appropriate linear and quadratic models, and persevere in graphing
    them and interpreting the meaning of their solutions.
  6. Students will develop the ability to describe their thinking using appropriate and precise
    mathematical language and critique the reasoning of others.

Tentative Class Schedule (Summer 2020)

Math Content in Math 141


  Labs & Lab Homework

Week 1

7/7 – 7/9

Introduction to class

4.2:   Polynomial functions & models
4.3:   Division of polynomials
3.3:   Complex numbers

Register for MML through Blackboard

 HW due Sun.

Introduction to course & lab

HW due Mon, 

Week 2

7/13 – 7/16

4.4:   Real zeros of polynomial func
4.5:   Fundamental thm of algebra
 4.6:   Rational functions & models
4.8:   Radical equations & power func
5.1:   Combining functions

Worksheet: Rational  function graphs &  applications

 HW due Mon, 

Week 3

7/20 –  


5.2:   Inverse functions & their representations  
5.3:   Exponential functions & models
5.4:   Logarithmic Functions

Review for Test 1

TEST 1:  3.3, 4.2-4.6, 4.8, 5.1-5.3

  HW due Sun. 

Virus Lab


HW due Mon, 

Week 4

7/27 – 7/30

5.5:   Properties of logarithms
5.6:   Exponential and Log equations
6.1:   Angles & their measures
6.2:   Right triangle trigonometry     

HW due Sun. 

Radian measure & linear/angular speed lab

 HW due Mon, 

Week 5

8/3 – 8/6

6.3:   Sine & Cosine functions &      their graphs
6.4:   Other trig functions & their graphs
6.5:   Graphing trig functions (Harmonic motion)

HW due Sun. 

Graphing of trig functions

Harmonic Motion (focus on graphing pendulum and Ferris wheel)

HW due Mon, 

Week 6

8/10 – 8/13

Review for Test 2

  TEST 2:  5.4-5.6, 6.1-6.6, 8.1-8.2,  


HW due Sun. 

  Review for Final Exam


  HW due Mon, 

Week 7

8/17 – 8/19

6.6:   Inverse trig functions
Review for Final Exam

FINAL EXAM:  Wednesday, August 19, 

HW due 

HW due Mon,