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Working Model?

(3=comlete; 2=working model; 1=need more input)

Interface Picture Current status Person(s) making request Date of last communication
  • MA.6.NSO.3.3:
 Operations with integers (Algebra Chips) 2         Working with 6 chips as beginning, waiting for interface discussion Terri Sebring, Ashley Dodds 8/20/20
  • MA.6.NSO.4.3:
 Multiply and divide with integers (Algebra Chips) 1 Not working Much needed interface discussion Terri Sebring, Ashley Dodds 8/20/20
  • MA.912.GR.4.1:
Identify the shapes of two-dimensional cross-sections of three-dimensional figures 3 All working, but interface may be improved depending on application Morgan Palomino 9/9/20
  • MA.6.AR.3.1
Given a real-world context, write and interpret ratios to show the relative sizes of two quantities using appropriate notation 3 Worked with Julie Riales who will sign off Julie Riales 9/17/20
  • MA.8.F.1.3:
 Analyze a real-world written description or graphical representation of a functional relationship between two quantities and identify where the function is increasing, decreasing or constant 3 Worked on this independently for school, offering it to MN if wanted Janet Bowers  
  • MA.912.GR.2.6
Apply rigid transformations to map one figure onto another to justify that the two figures are congruent 2 Allows user to complete one-step rigid transformations on changeable shape Janet Bowers 8/15/20
  Fractions on a numberline 1 Goal: remove check boxes; Sent email regarding other possibilities, or can make exact replica Ashley Dodds 9/10/20
MA.912.GR.3.1 Instruction includes using a number line and determining how changing the weights moves the weighted average of points on the number line     Proposal: I developed something like this a while ago and would like to re-design in Geogebra (or Desmos) if there is interest Janet Bowers