Learning Assistants with SDSU Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Learning assistants (LAs) are students who have recently taken a class and want to help other students succeed.  We currently have openings for LAs in two classes.  Which is right for you?

  • Math 140 LAs assist in the lecture classes. You will be part of a team that sits in on some of the 9 sections of classes, each of which are capped at 50 students this fall, 2020 semester.  Your responsibilities include monitoring the Zoom chat and letting the instructor know what questions are currently being posed and also circulating around the breakout rooms to help students as needed.  You will also be asked to grade exams, if you have time.
  • Math 141 LAs teach the breakout sections of the course. You will be responsible for 25 students in each section that you teach.  You will be given a lesson, but will be running the Zoom session, taking attendance, and asking questions as needed. You will also be required to attend the weekly team planning meetings.

Here is a comparison chart to help you decide.

  Hours per Week
Assignment Math 140 Math 141
Attend weekly team meetings 1 hr 1.5 hrs
Work in Lectures 3 hrs 3 hrs
Help with grading exams (hours vary per week from 0-3) .5 hrs .5 hours
Prepare/practice your lessons 1-2 hrs
Observe other break out sessions 1 hr
Enter attendance and weekly lab grades 1 hr
Hold office hour in Math Learning Center  1 hr 1 hr
Total 5.5 hrs 8- 9 hrs

Compensation is $15.50 per hour. NOTE: you may be eligible to receive Math 499 credit in lieu of pay (along with an additional assignment). Contact Dr. Pilgrim if interested).

If you would like to apply to the Math 140 position, click here.

If you would like to apply to the Math 141 position, click here.