The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has several openings for student employment in Fall 2020.   

Work in the MSLC

Openings for:

  • Zoom Tutors [4-6 hrs/week]
  • Zoom Virtual Front Desk personnel [4-8 hrs/week]







Students interested in grading for any professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics should use this application.  Hiring decisions are made by instructors of the course to which you are applying.

Learning Assistant

Learning Assistants are needed for Math 140 (College Algebra) and Math 141 (Precalculus).

Math 140: [4-8 hrs/week]

Math 141: [8-10 hrs/week]

Department Proctor

Zoom proctors are needed to help administer tests in this COVID pandemic.  Tests are 2-3 hours, you are hired on an as-needed basis and contacted as needs arise. [0-6 hours/week]


Private Tutor

Enjoy working with one student at a time for hour-long sessions?  Sign up to be a private tutor using our Tutor Matching Service.  Clients may include SDSU students or people from the community. You set your own hours!